Miguel Miranda —
First of his Name, Dog Lover, and also a Designer.

My biggest goal?
My next project.

The design world is the world that I fit in and I’m always hungry for more, to create, to dream and to achieve more. My goal is to create a design that it is easy to use and to understand for every person that cross eyes with my creations.

I love to create and to see what other creators may be doing, so I’m on Dribbble to get my everyday shot of inspiration.

My skills cover the entire web, branding and graphic design process, since websites to mobile apps, or flyers to business cards.

I love to create from scratch and to create a beautiful way to take your communication to other people.

Below you will see companies/brands I’ve worked with.

What can I do?
A lot.


Brand Identity
Systems & Guides


Conceptual UI/UX
Product Design


Business Cards

And More

Motion Graphics
Video Editing
Social Networks

Work, partnership or just a question? Email me.